2019 Art Statement


A friend recently recommended the video of Sara Barellies singing before President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. I was moved at the simplicity and meaning of song and performance.  The song was a cover from Carole King, “You’ve Got a Friend.” 

Painting in the studio, for what seems forever now, I got stuck. The solitude and loneliness are welcomed, but it hit me… I had lost touch with the “friendship” involved with painting. My friend then suggested that I “RETURN to my roots, and get out of the studio. Why don’t you, RETURN to the streets, and RETURN to basic iconography? Why don’t you see Chattanoogans with the love, freshness, and rawness you once saw in the Europeans and their culture.” I remembered in my travels when I was lifting the dignity of the human and human spirit where ever I found it. “In your painting, RETURN to the belief that each individual is created in the image of God, and has inherent value.” Talking about this with my dad, he said, “Serve with a visual language that does not necessarily require a college degree to understand!”, implying mostly, just ‘SERVE.’ So now I go back to the beginning, trusting my eyes, trusting my mind, trusting my feelings  within the criteria of love, understanding, quality, truth and beauty. I will make paintings that use the process of meeting people in their environment. “RETURN and be a friend with your art to the world.”

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